I'm getting sick of BBster. There are these bots (I think they're bots) that keep posting advertisements for online pharmacies, and I'm hoping if I switch hosts, that will no longer be a problem. Besides, the forums aren't very active, and I want to give them a new start. Now, to create this new start, I plan on moving the forums after twenty people comment saying that they will be active. I don't mean posting once and then leaving. I mean actually being active. I'm sorry that the current members' posts will all be gone, but I really feel that this is a change for the better, and the forums will become a lot livelier and more fun this way. Oh, and as for people's positions, I will still be an admin, of course, and TheEvilPixie is still a global mod (as long as she still wants to be a member on the new site). I will seek out new mods when I feel that they are needed.

Here's to the future of PW Forums!