Now that I finally own The Demigod Files, I added a page for it. I relocated everything that was previously on the page for The Bronze Dragon to said page for The Demigod Files, and added in some bits from the book's interview with Annabeth.



06/19/2009 07:35

Hi Melanie! It's PercabethFan125. I cant wait to get the Deimigod files at the bookstore! i read ur postings and it sounds great! (not like all the percy jacksons' aren't) i dont know if uve read the last one yet, but it's really good. (the best percabeth moments are in it!) plz post soon!

12/15/2010 18:19

Nice!I learn a little bit more every week about what being a SAHD means.

12/28/2010 18:23

Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!

03/12/2011 21:55

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