I'm getting sick of BBster. There are these bots (I think they're bots) that keep posting advertisements for online pharmacies, and I'm hoping if I switch hosts, that will no longer be a problem. Besides, the forums aren't very active, and I want to give them a new start. Now, to create this new start, I plan on moving the forums after twenty people comment saying that they will be active. I don't mean posting once and then leaving. I mean actually being active. I'm sorry that the current members' posts will all be gone, but I really feel that this is a change for the better, and the forums will become a lot livelier and more fun this way. Oh, and as for people's positions, I will still be an admin, of course, and TheEvilPixie is still a global mod (as long as she still wants to be a member on the new site). I will seek out new mods when I feel that they are needed.

Here's to the future of PW Forums!

Sorry it took so long, guys, but I finally got the LO page up! ~insert applause here~ Oh, and thank you to AnnabethChase for reminding me of a Percabeth moment I forgot. I added it. =)


I'm so sorry I haven't made the LO page yet! I've been busy with school and other stuff. I promise you guys I'll get it up soon (unless I, like, die or something XD). I get out of school on the 22nd, so I'm sure I'll have lots more time then. Again, I'm sorry. Just be patient!


Wow, Cinco de Mayo came really fast! I'll be going out to get my copy in a few minutes, and hopefully Annabeth will win the fight for Percy' heart. I don't know when I'll be typing up the Percebth moments from this book (I'm sure there will be plenty.), but I'll try to get it done ASAP. Enjoy the book, guys!


The actors selected to play Percy and Grover have been chosen. You can see details on this site.


I added two new words to What's in a Word: Percabeth. Thank you to those who submitted them; I gave you credit next to the words. :)


Now that I finally own The Demigod Files, I added a page for it. I relocated everything that was previously on the page for The Bronze Dragon to said page for The Demigod Files, and added in some bits from the book's interview with Annabeth.


I don't know what happened, but let's just be thankful it's up again. Sorry 'bout that!


If you can't get onto the forum, don't worry, it's not your computer. I can't get on either. I think it's a problem with bbster. Just remain calm, and I'll try to sort this out. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Percabeth World Forums are finally up! The address is:


So what are you waiting for? Start posting!

Oh, and my username is Spaghetti Cat.