The Lightning Thief

Page 56

    The last thing I remember is collapsing on a wooden porch, looking at a ceiling fan circling above me, moths flying around a yellow light, the stern faces of a familiar-looking bearded man and a pretty girl, her blond hair curled like a princess's. They both looked down at me, and the girl said, "He's the one. He must be."

Page 63

    She was probably my age, maybe a couple of inches taller, and a whole lot more athletic looking. wither her deep tan and her curl blond hair, she was almost exactly what I thought a stereotypical California girl would look like, except her eyes ruined the image. They were startling gray, like storm clouds; pretty, but intimidating, too, as if she were analyzing the best way to take me down in a fight.
    She glanced at the minotaur horn in my hands, then back at me. I imagined she was going to say, You killed a minotaur! or Wow, you're so awesome! or something like that.
    Instead she said, "You drool when you sleep."

Page 92

    Annabeth stared at me. I couldn't tell whether she was just grossed out or angry at me for dousing her.
    "What?" I demanded. "What are you thinking?"
    "I'm thinking," she said, "that I want you on my team for capture the flag."

Page 93

    "Annabeth, I'm sorry about the toilets."
    "It wasn't my fault."
    She looked at me skeptically, and I realized it was my fault.

Page 119

    She pushed ahead, leaving me in the dust.
    "Okay," I mumbled. "Glad you wanted me on your team."

Page 123

    I was about to join the celebration when Annabeth's voice, right next to me in the creek, said, "Not bad, hero."
    I looked, but she wasn't there.
    "Where the heck did you learn to fight like that?" she asked.

Page 147-148

    "I've been waiting a long time for a quest, seaweed brain," she said. "Athena is no fan of Poseidon, but if you're going to save the world, I'm the best person to keep you from messing up.
    "If you do say so yourself," I said. "I suppose you have a plan, wise girl?"
    Her cheeks colored. "Do you want your help or not?"
    The truth was, I did.

Page 169

    After a few minutes, Annabeth fell in line next to me. "Look, I..." Her voice faltered. "I appreciate your coming back for us, okay? That was really brave."
    "We're a team, right?"

Page 170

    "You're pretty good with that knife," I said.
    "You think so?"
    "Anybody who can piggyback-ride a Fury is okay by me."
    I couldn't really see, but I thought she might've smiled.

Page 185

    "Forget it," I said. "You're impossible."
    "You're insufferable."
    "Hey!" Grover interrupted. "You two are giving me a migraine, and satyrs don't even get migraines."

Page 187

    I looked at Annabeth, daring her to criticize.
    She didn't.

Page 198

    I tried not to drool in my sleep, since Annabeth was sitting right next to me.

Page 200

    I wanted to make Annabeth feel better, but I didn't know how.

Page 202

    "Can't we work together a little?" I pleaded. "I mean, didn't Athena and Poseidon ever cooperate?"
    Annabeth had to think about it. "I guess...the chariot," she said tentatively. "My mom invented it, but Poseidon created horses out of the crests of waves. So they had to work together to make it complete."
    "Then we can cooperate, too. Right?"
    We rode into the city, Annabeth watching as the Arch disappeared behind a hotel.
    "I suppose," she said at last.

Page 217

    Annabeth stood behind him, trying to look angry, but even she seemed relieved to see me. "We can't leave you alone for five minutes! What happened?"

Page 234

    "Are you kidding?" she looked at me as if I'd just dropped from the moon. Her cheeks were bright red.
    "What's the problem now?" I demanded.
    "Me, go with you to the...the 'Thrill Ride of Love'? how embarrassing is that? What if somebody saw me?"
    "Who's going to see you?" But my face was burning now, too. Leave it to a girl to make everything complicated. "Fine," I told her. "I'll do it myself." But when I started down the side of the pool, she followed me, muttering about how boys always messed things up.

Page 247

    "Hey," Annabeth said, "I'm sorry for freaking out back at the water park, Percy."
    "That's okay."
    "It's just..." she shuddered. "Spiders."
    "Because of the Arachne story," I guessed. "She got turned into a spider for challenging your mom to a weaving contest, right?"
    Annabeth nodded. "Arachne's children have been taking revenge on the children of Athena ever since. If there's a spider within a mile of me, it'll find me. I hate the creepy little things. Anyway, I owe you."
    "We're a team, remember?" I said.

Page 251

    "So if the gods fight," I said, "will things line up the way they did with the Trojan War? will it be Athena versus Poseidon?"
    She put her head against the backpack Ares had given us, and closed her eyes. "I don't know what my mom will do. I just know I'll fight next to you."
    "Because you're my friend,, Seaweed Brain. any more stupid questions?
    I couldn't think of a n answer for that. Fortunately, I didn't have to. Annabeth was asleep.

Page 257

    "Why can't you place a blessing like that on us?" I asked.
    "It only works on wild animals."
    "So it would only affect Percy," Annabeth reasoned.

Page 290

    Annabeth grabbed hold of my hand. Under normal circumstances, this would've embarrassed me, but I understood how she felt. She wanted reassurance that somebody else was alive on this boat.

Page 306

    Annabeth and I looked at each other. I could tell she was nursing an idea probably the same one she'd gotten during the taxi ride to L.A., but she was too scared to share it. That was enough to terrify me.

Page 370

    Annabeth sat next to me, holding my nectar glass and dabbing a washcloth on my forehead.
    "Here we are again," I said.
    "You idiot," Annabeth said, which is how I know she was overjoyed to see me conscious.

Page 374

    She pursed her lips. "You won't try anything stupid during the school year, will you? At least...not without sending me an Iris-message?"
    I managed a smile. "I won't go looking for trouble. I usually don't have to."
    "When I get back next summer," she said, "we'll hunt down Luke. We'll ask for a quest, but if we don't get approval, we'll sneak off and do it anyway. Agreed?"
    "Sounds like a plan worthy of Athena."
    She held out her hand. I shook it.
    "Take care, Seaweed Brain," Annabeth told me. Keep your eyes open."
    "You too, Wise Girl."

Page 375

    She touched Thalia's pine tree, then allowed herself to be lead over the crest and into the mortal world.
    For the first time at camp, I felt truly alone.